Type / Registration Slingsby T21B / BGA 782
cn / built 1096 / 1957
Pilot Anton Wildberger
Flight LOXN - Wr. Neustadt West
Date 19 July 2008
Photographer Anton Wildberger

David Wildberger, Anton Wildberger

FI Dr. Martin Schima, Anton Wildberger

maximum speed - yeah!

thermal ?

LOAN - Wr. Neustadt Ost

LOAN - Wr. Neustadt Ost, LOXN - Wr. Neustadt West

FI Dr. Martin Schima is not amused about my airwork

LET Blanik L-13, OE-5499

David Wildberger, Anton Wildberger

use caution for traffic 12 o'clock position crossing from the right to left same altitude

HUSKY A1 / OE-ABV, Pilot: Daniel Wildberger

Lena, Anton


vario out of order

Antonov An-2 on RWY

David Wildberger, Anton Wildberger

David Wildberger

Gerhard Aigner

Gerhard Aigner, Anton Wildberger

LOAN - Wr. Neustadt Ost

Schleicher ASK 21