Rolladen-Schneider, LS1

The Rolladen-Schneider LS1 is a Standard Class single seater glider that was manufactured from 1968 to 1977
LS1-0 V-1: Prototype had an internal load bearing tubular steel scaffold. This structure was substituted by full GRP construction in production versions
LS1-0: Angle of incidence was increased and improvements to the control system; 23 built of LS1-0, LS1-a, and LS1-b together
LS1-a: Trailing edge air brakes of the prototype were dropped in favour of conventional Schempp-Hirth air brakes
LS1-b; LS1-c: 198 built of LS1-c and LS1-d together
LS1-d: Was the first to have water ballast, following a class rule change
LS1-e: Version was built privately by a Rolladen-Schneider employee. Differs from the LS1-c only in the use of an LS2 type tailplane; 2 built
LS1-ef: Tailplane of the LS1-f and the same fuselage as former versions; 1 built
LS1-f: Introduced the one-piece canopy, conventional tailplane, redesigned rudder and structural changes that allowed more water ballast and higher flight mass; 240 built

Maximum glide ratio approximately 37

Rolladen-Schneider, LS1-d